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Business Meetings: 3rd Sundays

5:45-6:15pm Pacific

8:45-9:15pm Eastern

Sunday BDA Basic Business Meeting Agenda

We hold our business meetings from 8:45-9:15pm Eastern, after our regular BDA meeting time, on the 3rd Sunday of every month, using the following scripted agenda, and lead by our Business Meeting Chair:

We’ll now hold our business meeting for the next 30 minutes. The 9th tool of DA states in part “...participation in running our own program teaches us how our organization operates, and also helps us to become responsible for our own recovery.”  
We try to resolve all objections raised, i.e. we try to reach unanimous agreement, on the majority of decisions we make. When we must vote, though, we use Robert’s Rules of Order to help lead our Business Meetings, along with the spiritual principles of DA and BDA. These spiritual principles include substantial unanimity (from Tradition Two, at least 2/3 of voting members voting yes in order to move forward) and invite minority opinion (from Concept Five) before finalizing our decisions and taking group-conscience approved actions.

As always, Tradition Two guides us: "For our group purpose, there is but one Ultimate Authority, a Loving God as God may express himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but Trusted Servants, they do not govern." Business meeting agenda:
1. Ask for volunteer to serve as timekeeper, usually giving time checks at three 10-minute intervals for a total of 30 minutes.

2. Open with Serenity Prayer.

3. Ask participants to introduce themselves by name (perhaps ask whether or not each person present considers themselves a home group member).
4. Ask Business Meeting Record Keeper to summarize minutes from previous month. Ask if there are amendments or objections to approving the minutes. If no objections, state “the minutes have been approved.”
5. Ask Treasurer to give financial report from previous month. Ask if there are amendments or objections to approving the report. If no objections, state “the Treasurer’s report has been approved.”
6.  Share an itemized agenda for the current business meeting. Service positions should always be filled first. Make sure participants know how to contribute items to the agenda for the next and future months. Ask if there are any urgent business items, that is decisions that cannot wait until the next or a future month. Address old business, then new business.
7. Close with Serenity Prayer as close to 7:55pm eastern as possible, leaving a small gap before the Meeting Chair opens the regular weekly meeting.

Business Meeting Agenda Items

Please submit new business items via email for addition to the agenda below by our Tech Coordinator. Unless considered urgent business by at least 2/3 (substantial unanimity) of the business meeting participants, all
agenda items will be taken in order, rolling forward from month to month.


Once introduced during a business meeting, a new business item will become old business and will be treated with a higher priority until it is resolved, tabled, or withdrawn.

There may be exceptions to the movement of agenda items described above by group conscience. Financial distributions initiated during Treasurer's report are generally resolved before moving into old and new business.

Treasurer's Report for Review and Approval


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