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Online Meetings Every Sunday

5-6pm Pacific Time    8-9pm Eastern Time

To join our meeting, please email at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting to request the meeting link and password.

Please log on and join the meeting promptly. We close the meeting room “door” soon after the meeting starts.

Please do not share the meeting link and password with others. Simply ask people to refer to this page and to follow these steps.

Thank you!

During our weekly BDA online meetings, we seek the widest possible participation, including readers each week. Click on the images below to open downloadable and printable versions of the DA and BDA readings we use or click the Download Meeting Readings button above to download all of the readings in a single PDF file.

DA and BDA Literature

DA and BDA Conference-Approved Literature

Access Downloadable Literature from the DA Website

Order DA and BDA Literature

Free DA and BDA conference-approved literature in both paper and eBook formats available by completing a literature request form at BDA Help for Debtors (registered group # 7720)


Practicing DA's 7th Tradition

Practicing DA's 7th Tradition

This meeting has no dues or fees for BDA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. By participating in 7th Tradition, we enjoy the privilege of giving back what has so generously been given to us. We collect contributions, through our general fund, used for our group needs, such as outreach materials, tech expenses, and support of the DA and BDA service structure. 

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